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Official opening of our new Ambulance Base!

The Grand Bank / Fortune Ambulance Service Inc. officially opened their new Ambulance Base on April 25, 2015. We would like to thank everyone for coming out to share this event with us, MHA Darin King, MP Judy Foote's representative - Carolann Haley, Mayors - Rex Matthews (Grand Bank), Charles Penwell (Fortune), Larry Harnett (Point May), Councillors, invited guests and the public. We are very pleased that this building is now completed and we will continue to make the service we offer as efficient and dependable as possible.




"Providing the Best Pre-hospital Health Care Possible"!

The Grand Bank / Fortune Ambulance Service prides itself on delivering the most professional and reliable pre-hospital health care to the residents in which we serve. We are responsible for providing ambulance services to communities along the tip of the Burin Peninsula in the Province of Newfoundland & Labrador from Point May to Garnish & all points in between. Our ambulance service currently employs four (4) full time Primary Care Paramedics (PCP) and four (4) Emergency Medical Responders (EMR) who are currently registered with the provincially mandated Provincial Medical Oversight (PMO) program which began on January 04, 2010 and an administrative clerk who works at the Fortune Town office. Our PCP's are trained to offer advanced procedures such as Intravenous Therapy, delivery of Symptom Relief medications and Cardiac Interputation/Defibrillation; along with the general standards of care expected by all the patients we care for. We operate two Type III modular ambulances which are ready to respond to any type of traumatic or medical emergency and we also have the ability to safely transport bariatric patients with our recently acquired bariatric transfer unit. We also have a fully stocked mechanical spare ambulance which is ready to go into service at a moments notice if there is a mechanical problem with one of our other vehicles or if we have to do preventative maintenance. Our ambulances are housed at our ambulance base at 20 Farmers Hill road, Grand Bank and dispatching is done by the emergency staff at the Grand Bank Health Center. If you require pre-hospital health care within our service area, please call 832-2500 and press 1 when prompted or dial 911

Our History!

The Grand Bank / Fortune Ambulance Service originated in 1989 when the cottage hospital in Grand Bank was downgraded from a fully functioning hospital to a twenty-four hour emergency clinic. Prior to the downgrading of services, hospital staff (usually an orderly or LPN) who had the proper license to operate an ambulance, would leave his / her duties at the hospital and respond to ambulance calls when required. Depending on the severity of the call; a doctor or nurse may have responded along with the driver but there was a time when only one person would respond to a call. When the hospital transitioned to a twenty-four hour emergency clininc, the ambulance service (as it functioned) was lost, therefore an outside service provider was required. This was when the community ambulance service was established, it was operated by individuals from the towns of Fortune and Grand Bank and they employed three Licensed Practical Nurses (they upgraded their training for pre-hospital health care) who were employed by the hospital before it changed to an emergency clinic. Since that time, the Town Councils of both Fortune & Grand Bank formed a standing committee and are responsible for the operation of the ambulance service. Currently, the committee is comprised of three councillors from Fortune and three councillors from Grand Bank; the administration is done at the Fortune Town Office. The Ambulance Committee meets regularly to deal with operational and administrative issues. 

The Grand Bank / Fortune Ambulance Committee was incorporated on August 19, 2013 and is now known as the Grand Bank / Fortune Ambulance Service Inc.   

Information Brochure

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