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  1. Do I have to pay for the ambulance service even if I didn't "personally" request it?

    The answer is yes. If you were found unresponsive (for whatever reason) or you are not able to effectively communicate; the person who found you called the ambulance service out of concern for your safety therefore you are responsible for the invoice. If you are not able to speak for yourself or make a rational decision and someone has concern that you need medical help, you are responsible for the cost incured. The person who made the call did so out of concern for your well being.

  2. Do I have to pay the patient fee ($115.00) if I am transported by Air Ambulance?

    No! If you are being airlifted from either the Grand Bank Health Center (Grand Bank) or the Burin Peninsula Health Center (Burin), you will require an ambulance to transport you to the airstrip at Winterland. This transport would be considered a "Inter-facility Transfer" and the patient is not responsible for the ambulance fee.



  3. Am I required to pay an ambulance fee if I am transported from one medical facility to another?

    The short answer is no but there are some considerations. If you are being transported between Provincially operated medical facilities - you are not responsible for the patient fee - the Provincial Government is! Medical facilities included under this policy are facilities such as the Grand Bank Health Center, Blue Crest Nursing Home, U.S. Memorial Hospital, Burin Peninsula Health Center, Dr. GB Cross Memorial Hospital, etc... Facilities such as doctors offices / clinics like Dr. Beckley's Medical Center or the Grand Bank Retirement Center (Luxury Estates) in Grand Bank are not included in this policy.

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General Questions

  1. Am I responsible for the cost of the supplies used to treat me?

    No! Our ambulance service is funded by the Provincial Government of Newfoundland & Labrador to deliver pre-hospital care and you, as a service user, are only required to pay the provincial (resident) patient fee rate of $115.00. Consumables such as disposable gloves, cervical collars, symptom relief medications, IV equipment, disposable splints, etc... are not your responsibility.

  2. Do I have the right to refuse treatment and/or transport?

    As long as you are of sound mind, not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, not a minor and of sound mind; you do have a right to refuse treatment or transport. Having said that, once our staff arrives on scene, you are responsible for the patient fee ($115.00) whether or not we treat and/or transport you. Our first concern is that you receive the necessary treatment/transport and that you get the medical help required. If you insist on refusing treatment and/or transport, our staff will get you to sign a release form and have it witnessed by someone present when you refused treatment and/or transport. A minor who refuses treatment and/or transport must have a parent or guardian present to sign the refusal form. If our staff has concern for your safety or medical wellbeing and you refuse our service, our staff has to call the RCMP and/or our Provincial Medical Director for further assistance.

  3. Am I allowed to ride in the ambulance with my loved one?

    Generally, the answer is no but if the doctor treating and authorizing the ambulance transport indicates that you are required to travel with your loved one (for comfort or consent purposes), we will accomodate you. Unless it is a small child who needs mom or dad beside him/her, you will be required to travel in the front passenger seat next to the driver of the ambulance with your seat belt engaged. We will only accomodate one (1) family member for safety reasons.

  4. Do I have a choice as to which medical facility I have to be transported to?

    No! When you request an ambulance in the event of an emergency, our ambulance staff has no choice but to transport to the nearest emergency department. The only exception to this policy is if the patient is deemed "stable" and the ambulance staff discusses same with the On Line Medical Physician. If the On Line Medical Physician agrees that the patient is stable, the patient must then agree to pay the whole cost of the transport (which is the normal Patient Fee of $115.00) plus the other cost associated with the transport such as the vehicle mileage subsidy and attendant fee, which the provincial government normally pays to the operator. 

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