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If you require our service, call "832-2500 & press 1" or dial 911

If you require ambulance service in our service area, call 832-2500 and press 1 when prompted to do so by the automated answering machine. Once you press 1, a member of the nursing staff at the Grand Bank Health Center will answer your call and quickly dispatch our ambulance to you or you can dial the provincial 911 dispatch system. The following are some things you should keep in mind when calling for an ambulance;                    

 Our Paramedics will be responding to your call very quickly but as we all know, waiting for help to arrive sometimes seems to take forever. Make sure you give a civic address (house or apartment number & street name) and a call back phone number.

  • Be prepared to answer questions regarding your current medical condition! Why do you require an ambulance? Do you have any ILI (Influenza Like Illness)?
  • It is a good idea to keep all of your medications in one location at your home and always keep the package (bottles or blister packs) the medication came in. Our staff will always ask about your medical history and will want to take your meds with you to the medical center. If you've enrolled in the "Vial of Life" program, please ensure to keep your medication list up to date and ensure the Vial of Life fridge magnet is on your refrigerator.
  • It is also a good idea to make available any written advanced health care directives. A lot of people today have a "Living Will" which states your intentions if you should become unable to communicate with the ambulance attendants or medical staff at the medical center (some people with underlying medical conditions have written directives not to do CPR  or defibrillation if the heart stops). Again, this document should be placed inside your "Vial of Life" if you've enrolled in the program.
  • Our attendants will ask you "Who is responsible for payment of the invoice for the use of the ambulance service". Any time an ambulance responds to a call for assistance, the patient is most always responsible for paying the $115.00 patient fee. Some patients are recipients of social income support programs and have a HR & E File number which covers the cost of the ambulance service, others, like veterans have a DVA number which covers the ambulance cost. If your request is a result of a workplace injury, please inform the attendants and they can get the required information from your employer.
  • According to Provincial policy, we have to transport you to the nearest medical facility if the request for ambulance service is for an emergency and the Paramedic deems the request an emergency once an assessment is done on scene. Routine calls, ie; transport to a doctors appointment or diognastic procedure will require a Doctors authorization.






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